Here your quadruped sleeps in a dog bed of the comfort class.

A noble and particularly resistant design furniture fabric covers 4 single stable side cushions and a removable reversible inside cushion.

The filling consists of highly elastic, joint-gentle and anti-allergenic ball fibres. Even after years of use, the filling remains stable in shape, even with large and heavy dogs. Thus the joints of your quadruped are supported in every sleeping position.

In contrast to most other dog beds, a DandyBed can be completely disassembled and, including the filling, cleaned in a normal household washing machine as required. Each side pillow can be removed individually thanks to a circumferential zipper and washed with the design cover and reclining inner pillow.

Even an XL dog bed is finally washable in a washing machine! Your DandyBed stays hygienically fresh and clean all around.

Each DandyBed has 5 innovative holding points for the filling in the inside cushion. This prevents the filling from slipping, even after the washing process. A laborious redistribution of the filling has finally come to an end!

DandyBed - a dog sofa of the latest generation - you should not be satisfied with less!

All our products are manufactured sustainably, fairly and with much love in professional handwork in Germany.